The Verve Band Cupcakes_Birthday_Twins_Steven Mora_Drummer_Drum_Aisaku Yokogawa_Gift_Music_Jazz

The Verve Band Cupcakes_Birthday_Twins_Brian Mora_Guitar_Aisaku Yokogawa_Gift_Music_Jazz

The Verve Band Cupcakes_Monet Ganir_Singer_Bouquet_Flowers_Red Gown_Dress_Woman_Girl_Aisaku Yokogawa_Gift_Music_Jazz

Twins’ birthdays are double the fun! This cupcake set was requested by Aisaku Yokogawa for Brian and Steven Mora who are twin brothers and incredibly talented musicians. Joining them with flowers and birthday wishes is their bandmate Monet Ganir.

Happy Birthday, Brian and Steven!

Orange Cardamom Cupcakes with Pomegranate Frosting and edible Verve Band toppers
by The Regali Kitchen

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