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Cute Dinosaur Cupcakes

Cute Dinosaur Cupcakes for Xander

Xander loves dinosaurs, so on his 4th birthday his parents requested these cute Dinosaur Cupcakes to complete his celebration. Chocolate Cupcakes with customized cute 3D Dinosaur Topper designs…

Game of Thrones Iron Throne Cake

Game of Thrones Iron Throne Cake for JC

Cake is Here! A Game of Thrones Iron Throne Cake surprise for JC on his 30th name day. Chocolate Rum Cake with customized GOT Iron Throne design by…

DOTA 2 Cake

DOTA 2 Cake for Potpot

It’s both sweet and awesome when your friend knows your favorite things. This DOTA 2 Cake with Potpot’s favorite characters was requested to surprise her on her birthday….

Marvel and DC Superheroes Cake

Avengers and Justice League Superheroes Cake for Miggy

Marvel and DC Superheroes suit up and unite to celebrate Miggy’s special day. Happy 3rd Birthday, Miggy! Chocolate Cake with customized superheroes design by The Regali Kitchen. For…

Minecraft Five Nights at Freddys Cake

Minecraft Five Nights at Freddy’s Cake for a Birthday Boy

Let’s Eat Cake! This cake was requested by a mom and dad to surprise their boy on his 7th birthday. This cake truly fits a celebrant who loves…

Spider-Man Cake

Spider-Man Cake for Gab

Here’s an awesome cake for Gab’s 3rd birthday courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. It’s actually his mom’s birthday surprise for him. Aren’t moms awesome? Dark Chocolate Cake…

X-Men Juggernaut Cake and Marvel Superheroes Cupcakes

Juggernaut Cake and Marvel Superheroes Cupcakes for Cyrus

Cyrus’ friends completed their birthday surprise for him with these X-men Supervillain Juggernaut Cake and Marvel Superheroes Cupcakes. Based on the photos they sent us, the surprise was…

Sculpted Teen Titans Cake

Sculpted Teen Titans Cake for Franz

Teen Titans is one of our bulilit chef’s favorite cartoons, so we made this cake on his special day. The 3D Cake was made based on his own…

Batman Cake

Batman’s Day Off Cake for Jy

Even Batman needs to rest on a special day. Here’s a surprise cake for Superhero Jy’s birthday. Chocolate Cake with customized Batman’s Day Off design by The Regali…

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Cake

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Cake for Sharlene

This Harry Potter Cake is truly a magical birthday surprise for a Ravenclaw wizard like Sharlene! Chocolate Cake with customized Harry Potter Ravenclaw design by The Regali Kitchen…

Thumbs Up BB8 Cake | Star Wars The Force Awakens Cake

Star Wars Thumbs Up BB-8 Cake for Einna

The Force is strong with this one, and BB-8 approves! This Star Wars Thumbs Up BB-8 Cake was a birthday surprise for a Jedi. Happy birthday and may…

Star Wars The Force Awakens Cake and Cupcakes

Star Wars the Force Awakens Cake & Cupcakes for Sebastien

Without the Cake, there can be no balance in the Force. Kylo Ren is one of Sebastien’s favorite characters in Star Wars. So he knew exactly what to…

Minions Cake and Cupcakes

Minions Cake & Cupcakes for Harris

Parties sure are fun with Minions Cake and Cupcakes! You’re One in a Minion, Harris! Happy 1st Birthday! Chocolate Cake with customized Minions design, Matcha Cupcakes and Vanilla…

Dragon Cake

Dragon Cake for Celina

Dragons are love for Celina. So Lemon surprised her with this magical Dragon Cake on her birthday. Happy Birthday, Celina! Dark Chocolate Cake with Light Caramel Frosting and…

Nerf Gun Cake with Lights | Nerf Target and Dart Cupcakes

Nerf Gun Cake with Lights and Nerf Gun Bullet on Target Cupcakes for Arvin

“It’s Nerf Cake or nothin!” Arvin’s CIO family surprised him with this cool cake and cupcake set on his birthday. Nerf Gun with Lights Cake Nerf Dart and…

D & D Cake | Dungeons & Dragons Cake

Dungeons & Dragons Cake for Aemon

Aemon scores a critical hit with his ultimate Dungeons & Dragons birthday cake, where his very own halfling hero takes on some of the most iconic monsters from…

Godzilla Cake

Godzilla Cake for Aston

Godzilla is Aston’s favorite monster, so his mom surprised him with this Godzilla Cake on his 5th birthday. We’re sure you had a good ROAR on your birthday,…

Game of Thrones House Sigil Cupcakes

Game of Thrones Cupcakes for Gabby

Frosting is here! This Game of Thrones Cupcakes set was a surprise by Honey for Gabby on his name day. Chocolate Rum Cupcakes with customized Game of Thrones…

Happy Halloween

Halloween Cake Toppers: Tikbalang & Manananggal

Happy Halloween, Everyone! Tikbalang & Manananggal Cake Toppers based on Filipino mythological beasts by The Regali Kitchen. For inquiries, please click Contact Us and fill out the form.

Game of Thrones Targaryen Dragon Cake

Game of Thrones Targaryen Dragon Cake for Khaleesi Rachel

A Dothraki requested this Game of Thrones Targaryen Dragon Cake as a special surprise for his Khaleesi. Happy Name Day, Khaleesi Rachel! Chocolate Rum Cake with customized Game…

My Little Pony Cake and Cupcakes

My Little Pony Cake & Cupcakes for Tica

Yay, Tica has turned 5, so her Mommy Audrey requested this magical My Little Pony Cake and Cupcakes set to celebrate her birthday! Happy 5th Birthday, Tica! Dark…

Star Wars The Force Awakens Cake

Star Wars The Force Awakens Cake for Cyrille James

Cyrille James loves Star Wars, especially the movies. So mommy Vangie requested this Star Wars The Force Awakens Birthday Cake to awaken the Force in him. May the…

Lego City Police Cake

Lego City Police Station Cake for Ethan

Ethan loves Lego so much and the Lego City Police Station is his current favorite. So tita Jing happily surprised him with this Lego City Police Cake on…