Clash of Clans Cake_Cupcakes_Barbarian King_Wizard_Archer_Hog Rider_Sword_Bow_Arrow_Magic_Elixir_Gold_Storage_Shield_Fence_Cannon_Bomb_Christening

Clash of Clans Cupcakes_Gold Storage_Bomb_Elixir_Storage_Fence_Cannon_Shield_Arrow_Game_Geek_Geeky Cupcake

Who could possibly resist attacking this army?
Barbarian King Jumar and Archer Queen Hazel had this cake & cupcake set made for their little warrior, JD.

Happy Christening and 1st Birthday, JD!

Red Velvet Cake and Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting and edible design
by The Regali Kitchen

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