Disney Planes Cake_Airplane_Fly_Flying_Favorite Things Cake_Piano_Flowers_Musical Notes Clouds Cupcakes_Happy Birthday_Little Kid

Disney Planes Cake_Dusty Crophopper_Airplane_Cartoon_Animation_Kid_Flying_Fly_Birthday

Disney Planes Cake_Skipper Riley_Airplane_Fighter Plane_Cartoon_Animation_Kid_Flying_Fly_Birthday

Disney Planes Cake_Chug_Truck_Cartoon_Animation_Kid

Disney Planes Cake_El Chupacabra_Skippy Riley_Airplane_Cartoon_Animation_Kid_Flying_Fly_Birthday_Dottie

Seeing Third’s expression when he saw the cake made us feel like we were on Cloud 9. Thank you cool parents, Kitz and Martha, for making us part of your little man’s birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Third! Aim high and soar high!

Blueberry Lemonade Cake and edible Disney Planes design
by The Regali Kitchen

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