Who takes the Pandorica takes the Cake!

Awesome and loving husband Neal requested this Dr. Who cake and cupcake set for his wife-Companion Pia to celebrate her birthday.

Doctor Who Cupcakes_TARDISCupcake_Sonic Screwdriver_11th Doctor_Eleventh_Pia as Companion_Dr Who Cake_Pandorica Opens Cake_Geek_Geeky

Doctor Who Cupcakes_Tardis Cupcake_11th Doctor_Eleventh Doctor_Sonic Screwdriver_Geek_Geeky_Dr Who

Doctor Who Cupcakes_TARDIS Cupcake_Pia as Companion_Birthday_Geek_Geeky_Dr Who Cupcake

Doctor Who Cupcakes_Rory Williams Cupcake_Doctor Who Cake_Pandorica Cake_Geek_Geeky_Dr Who

Doctor Who Cupcakes_Dalek Cupcakes_Drone Dalek_Supreme Dalek_Eternal Dalek_Alliance_Alien_Exterminate_Geek_Geeky_Dr Who

Doctor Who Cupcakes_Judoon Guard_Judoon Commander_Rhinocerid Humanoids_Alliance_Alien_Geek_Geeky_Dr Who

Doctor Who Cupcakes_Sontaran_Commander Stark_Alliance_Aliens_Geek_Geeky_Dr Who

Doctor Who Cupcake_TARDIS Cupcake_Geek_Geeky_Dr Who Cupcake

Doctor Who Cupcake_Zygon Cupcake_Alliance_Alien_Pandorica Cake_Geek_Geeky_Dr Who

Doctor Who Cupcakes_Cyberman Cupcake_Cyber-Lord_Cyber-Leader_Alliance_Alien_Geek_Geeky_Dr Who

Dark Chocolate Mini-Cake and Cupcakes with Light Caramel Frosting
Blueberry Lemonade Cupcakes
and edible Doctor Who toppers
by The Regali Kitchen

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