Doctor Who Cupcakes_Tenth Doctor_10th doctor_Charmaine Cabugnason as Companion_Geeky Cupcakes_Dr Who

Doctor Who Cupcakes_TARDIS Cupcake_10th Doctor Cupcake_Tenth Doctor_Sonic Scredriver_Geek_Geeky_Dr Who

Doctor Who Cupcakes_Dalek Cupcakes_Yello Dalek_Red Dalek_Birthday_Geek_Geeky_Dr Who

Doctor Who Cupcakes_Sonic Screwdriver_Logo_Geek_Geeky_Dr Who

Doctor Who Cupcake_Adipose Cupcake_Geek_Geeky_Dr Who

Doctor Who Cupcake_Ood Cupcake_Geek_Geeky_Dr Who

Doctor Who Cupcakes_TARDIS Cupcake_Charmaine Cabugnason as Companion_Geek_Geeky_Dr Who


Allons-y!” Let’s eat cupcakes!

What a cool way to celebrate a birthday! This Doctor Who Cupcake set was made especially for Charmaine.

Happy Birthday, Charmaine!

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting and edible Doctor Who toppers by The Regali Kitchen

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