Doctor Who Cupcakes_11th Doctor_Eleventh Doctor_Fez_TARDIS_Dalek_Sonic Screwdriver_Geek_Geeky Cupcakes_Dr Who Cupcake

Doctor Who Cupcakes_TARDIS Cupcake_Dr Who Cupcakes_11th Doctor_Eleventh Doctor_Fez_Sonic Screwdriver_Time Travel_Space_Geek_Geeky

Game of Thrones Cupcakes_Dragon Cupcakes_Daenerys Targaryen_ Dragons_Fire_GOT_Geek_Geeky_Rhaegal_Drogon_Viserion

Time travel and dragons… COOL!

This geektastic cupcake set was requested by Jeeves and friends to surprise Jewel on her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Jewel!

Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Light Caramel Frosting and edible Doctor Who and Game of Thrones toppers
by The Regali Kitchen

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