Favorite Things Cupcakes_Sports Cupcakes_Newton Running Shoes_Runner_Marathon_Surf Board_Surfing_Cap_Bicycle_Cycling_Swimming Goggles_Basketball_Athlete

Favorite Things Cupcakes_Acoustic Guitar_Eyeglasses_Gray Business Suit_Music_Fashion_Birthday_Sitti Navarro_Joey

Favorite Thing Cupcake_Running Shoes Cupcake_Newton_Orange Shoe_Rubber Shoes_Sneakers_Marathon_Triathlete_Athlete_Sports

Favorite Things Cupcakes_Clash of Clans Cupcake_Barbarian_Gaming_Android Game_Geek_Geeky

Favorite Things Cupcakes_Clown Cupcake_Funny_Jester_Comedian

Happy Birthday, Joey!

Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Light Caramel Frosting
Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
and customized edible favorite toppers
by The Regali Kitchen

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