Fawkes Cake Topper | Albus Dumbledore's Phoenix Bird Cake Topper

Ravenclaw House Common Room and Quidditch Field Cake Toppers

Hufflepuff House Common Room Cake Toppers | Harry Potter Hogwarts Cake

Slytherin House Common Room and Rubeus Hagrid's Hut with Buckbeak Cake Toppers

Gryffindor House Common Room and the Hogwarts Express Train Cake Toppers

Harry Potter Cake | Family Candle Blowing

We hopped on the Hogwarts Express at station 9 3/4 to deliver this magical Hogwarts Harry Potter Cake to Tyler Griffin’s 1st birthday celebration at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’s dining hall. Professor Albus Dumbledore approves!

Thank you Daddy Lio and Mommy Grace for making us part of Tyler Gryffin’s fantastic birthday celebration!

Customized 3-tiered Harry Potter Cake in Dark Belgian Chocolate Flavor
by The Regali Kitchen.

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