Princess Ballerina Cake_Dance_Princess Cake_Pink_Lavender_Flowers_Painter_Painting_Palette_Paintbrush_Birthday_Girl_Celebrant

Princess Ballerina Cake_Dance_Princess Cake_Pink_Lavender_Flowers_Painter_Painting_Palette_Paintbrush_Birthday_Girl_Candle Blowing_Celebrant

Princess Ballerina Cake_Dance_Princess Cake_Pink_Lavender_Flowers_Painter_Painting_Palette_Paintbrush_Birthday_Girl_Celebrant_Family

Una knew exactly what she wanted her birthday cake to look like, and she was very specific with the pose and the look of the princess ballerina topper holding a paintbrush and artist’s palette. We were very happy to make this special cake for her on her special day.

Happy birthday, Una!

2-tiered Chocolate Cake with Light Caramel Frosting and edible princess ballerina design by The Regali Kitchen

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