Doc Oc Cake Topper_Doctor Octopus Cake Topper_Doc Ock_Villain_Spider-Man Cake_Spiderman_Geek_Geeky_Movies_Comics_Marvel_Cartoons

Spider-Man Cake_Spiderman Cake Topper_Superhero_Geek_Geeky_Marvel_Comics_Cartoons_Movies_Web

Green Goblin Cake Topper_Villain_Spider-Man Cake_Spiderman_Geek_Geeky_Comics_Marvel_Movies_Cartoons_Hoverboard_Glider

Pito knew exactly what he wanted for his cake on his birthday, so when his special day came his parents requested this cake with his favorite characters.

Happy 7th Birthday, Pito!

Dark Chocolate Cake with Light Caramel Frosting and customized Spider-Man design by The Regali Kitchen

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