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Golden Wedding Anniversary Cake

50th Wedding Anniversary Cake for Daddy Paulino and Mama Felicidad

It’s always sweet to get requests for surprise cakes for couples who have been together for many years. It was truly an honor to make this 50th Wedding…

Star Wars The Force Awakens Cake

Star Wars Cake for Barry and Maya

One of our favorite couples celebrated their anniversary recently. For their very special day, Maya decided to surprise Barry with this Star Wars Cake filled with geek love…

D & D Cake

Dungeons & Dragons Cake for Barry and Maya

Maya surprised Barry with this Dungeons & Dragons Cake on their 12th anniversary. Dungeon Master Barry loves to play D & D with his friends and his son…

Meat Queen Anniversary Cake for Guinevere

Happy Anniversary, Lucky Meatshop!

Chuck TV Series Cupcakes for Ryan

Sarah: “This is real? You really love me?”
Chuck: “With all of my heart.”

Happy 1st Anniversary, Kass and Ryan!

Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and, the Wardrobe Book Cake

We’ve been huge fans of CS Lewis’ “The Chronicles of Narnia” since we were kids! This week we threw a Narnia party with family and friends to celebrate the 62nd publication anniversary of “The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe”.

Wedding Anniversary-Bellarocca Resort Cupcakes for Tommy & Hazel

This set was inspired by the couple’s Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa dream vacation. Happy wedding anniversary Tommy and Hazel!

White Walker Game of Thrones Cake

Game of Thrones White Walker Cake for Merl & Justine

AAAAHOOOOO! AAAAHOOOOO! AAAAHOOOOO! Three horn blasts mean White Walkers!

Night gathers and now the party begins… Bring out your dragon glass daggers to cut into this cake!

Beatles Birthday & Wedding Anniversary Cake for Dad & Mom

This cake was a surprise for Sir Mark Anthony and Dr. Aileen from their daughter Martha. On the cake is a line from the couple’s first dance, Michelle by the Beatles.

Happy 65th Birthday, Sir Mark Anthony!
A Blessed 40th Wedding Anniversary, Sir Mark Anthony and Dr. Aileen!

Favorite Things Anniversary Cupcakes for Alfred and Gianne

Gianne requested these cupcakes as a surprise for Alfred on their anniversary. These cupcakes show the couple’s favorite things and memorable moments. Happy Anniversary, Alfred and Gianne!

Aztec-Hipster Anniversary Cupcakes for Sam

Chip had to fly abroad on their anniversary. But before doing so, he made sure that these surprise anniversary cupcakes were sent to Sam. Happy Anniversary, Sam and Chip!

Star Trek Voyager Cake for Barry and Maya

As part of Maya’s out of this world 11th wedding anniversary surprise for Barry, she asked us to make this Star Trek: Voyager cake for the two of them to share on their special day.

Happy Anniversary, Maya and Barry! To the journey!

The Walking Dead Cupcakes for Ali

Sam requested us to make these surprise Zombilicious Cupcakes for the love of his life, on their anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Sam and Ali!

10th Wedding Anniversary Cake for Mark & Martha

Happy Anniversary, Mark & Martha! Here’s to many more years of love and joy!

Daddy Rooster and Mother Hen Anniversary Cake

Happy Anniversary to a protective and caring daddy rooster and a sweet and loving mother hen! Love, baby chicks and grandson egg 🙂

Harry Potter Cupcakes for Hogwarts Philippines

Expelliarmus! Hogwarts Philippines (Pinoy Harry Potter) asked us to make these Harry Potter Cupcakes for their 10th year anniversary. Happy 10th year anniversary Hogwarts Philippines!

6th Anniversary Symbols Cupcakes

6th Anniversary Symbols Cupcakes for Ging & Raymond

Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary with Cupcakes!

Knight & Angel Anniversary Cake

This cake is a sweet surprise from an angel to her knight in shining armor on their 7th anniversary. On the cake, are the lucky guy’s favorite things.