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Favorite Things Cupcakes for Lola Lea

We didn’t get the chance to meet Lola Lea in person, but from the way her daughter describes her it sounds like she’s a lot of fun to…

The Little Mermaid & Favorite Things Cake & Cupcakes for Caitlyn

Here are Princess Caitlyn’s favorite things all on a cake. Her loving loving parents, doc Kitz and doc Martha, had this cake and cupcake set specially made for her Under The Sea birthday party.

Happy 7th Birthday, Caitlyn!

Favorite Things Birthday Cupcakes for Teacher Tess

Great teachers don’t only teach, they inspire. This cupcake set was requested by Tin for her teacher who has done both. Happy Birthday, Teacher Tess! Orange Cardamom Cupcakes…

Aztec-Hipster Anniversary Cupcakes for Sam

Chip had to fly abroad on their anniversary. But before doing so, he made sure that these surprise anniversary cupcakes were sent to Sam. Happy Anniversary, Sam and Chip!

Favorite Things Cupcakes for AK