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Yellow Submarine Cake for Doc Pael

“I could have sworn it was a yellow submarine… But that isn’t logical now, is it? It must have been one of them unidentified flying cupcakes, or a…

Yellow Submarine Cake / Beatles Cake for Daddy

“So we sailed up to the sun, till we found the sea of green. And we lived beneath the waves in our yellow submarine.” This groovy cake was…

The Beatles Crossing the Abbey Road Cake for Doc Pael & Gabriel

Doc Guy requested this cake to celebrate the birthday of her husband, Doc Pael, and his twin brother Gabriel. Who’s the figure giving the two thumbs up in the background you ask? That’s Doc Pael in his running attire ­čÖé Happy Birthday, Doc Pael and Sir Gabriel!

Beatles Birthday & Wedding Anniversary Cake for Dad & Mom

This cake was a surprise for Sir Mark Anthony and Dr. Aileen from their daughter Martha. On the cake is a line from the couple’s first dance, Michelle by the Beatles.

Happy 65th Birthday, Sir Mark Anthony!
A Blessed 40th Wedding Anniversary, Sir Mark Anthony and Dr. Aileen!