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Cute Baby Elephant Cake

Cute Baby Elephant Christening Cake for Jaye Kirsten

Jaye Kirsten’s parents requested this Baby Elephant Cake to complete their cute baby girl’s christening celebration. Chocolate Cake with customized Cute Baby Elephant design by The Regali Kitchen…

Nautical Cakes

Nautical Cakes for a Birthday & a Christening

The celebrants’ mom and uncle requested these cakes to celebrate 2 special occasions for 2 wonderful little ones. Happy birthday to the little captain! And welcome to the…

Pinkk Ruffled Christening Cake

Pink Ruffled Christening Cake for Lexie

Our dear friends, Doc Jay and Doc Lianne, just celebrated the christening of their precious little daughter, Lexie. They requested their favorite flavor Strawberry Lemonade Cake, decorated with…

Rainbow Birthday Cake

Rainbow Birthday Cake for Sammie

Daddy Tim & Mommy Lovely had this cake made to complete the colorful party they threw for their little ray of happiness. Happy Birthday, dear Sammie! Banana Peanut…

Clash of Clans Cake and Cupcakes | Gaming Cake and Cupcakes

Clash of Clans Cake and Cupcakes for JD

Who could possibly resist attacking this army? Barbarian King Jumar and Archer Queen Hazel had this Clash of Clans Cake and Cupcakes made for their little warrior, JD….

Baby Hercules & Pegasus Cake for Iñigo

Daddy Avel & Mommy Ely had this cake made for their little hero’s baptism. Happy Christening, Iñigo! Strawberry Lemonade Cake and edible design by The Regali Kitchen For…

Filipiniana Cake | Pinoy Fiesta Cake

Philippine Children’s Games Cake / Larong Kalye Cake for Malaya

We had big smiles on our faces while making this Pinoy Larong Kalye Cake because the theme brought back so many fun childhood memories. Thank you Mommy Sheila…

Baby Converse Shoes Christening Cake

Baby Converse Shoes Cake for Karl Thorin

Mommy Claudette requested this Baby Converse Shoes Cake to welcome her son into the Christian world. Happy Christening, Karl Thorin! Vanilla Cake with Baby Converse Sneakers design by The…

Christening Cake for Camilla

Our dear friends, Charu & Jako, requested this cake to celebrate their precious little daughter’s christening. Welcome to the Christian world, Camilla! 2-tiered Red Velvet Cake with Cream…

Totoro Christening Cake for Isobel Simone

To-to-ro! Mommy Sheryll requested this cake to celebrate the welcoming of her beautiful daughter to the Christian world. Happy Christening, Isobel Simone! Dark Chocolate Cake with Light Caramel…

Pink Christening Cake for Chantelle Louise

Welcome to the Christian world, Chantelle Louise!

Rugrats Cake and Cupcakes for Sean

“Hang on to Your Diapers, Babies, We’re Going in!”

Cool tita Pia asked us to make these Rugrats goodies specially for cute baby Sean on his christening day.

Pink Christening Cupcakes for Raine Angelique

Pink cupcakes for a baby girl’s christening celebration. Welcome to the Christian world baby Raine Angelique!