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Favorite Things Cupcakes for Lola Lea

We didn’t get the chance to meet Lola Lea in person, but from the way her daughter describes her it sounds like she’s a lot of fun to…

Dora the Explorer Cake for Nala

This cake was requested by our good friends, Doc Ging and Raymond, for their little flamenco dancer on her birthday. ¡Olé!

Happy 4th Birthday, Nala!

Favorite Things Birthday Cupcakes for Ken

Goldie requested us to make these surprise cupcakes to represent the birthday boy’s favorite things. Happy Birthday, Ken!

Princess Ballerina Cake for Una

Una knew exactly what she wanted her birthday cake to look like, and she was very specific with the pose and the look of the princess ballerina topper holding a paintbrush and artist’s palette. We were very happy to make this special cake for her on her special day.

Happy birthday, Una!