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Fierce Dinosaur Cake

Dinosaur Cake & Cupcakes for Lonzo

ROAR! Lonzo really knows his dinosaurs! He gave his mom a list of dinosaurs that he wanted on his birthday cake and cupcakes, with a note that “they…

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Walkman Cake

T-rex Dinosaur Cake for Jedxelle

To complete their son’s roaring birthday party, Jedxelle’s parents sent us a Threadless shirt design to use as an inspiration for their precious little boy’s T-rex Dinosaur Cake….

Dinotrux Cake

Our Dinotrux Cake Tweeted by Chris Gall Himself!

We’re absolutely honored! Our Dinotrux Cake, inspired by the popular children’s book by Chris Gall, has been complimented by the author himself! How cool is that?!

Spinosaurus Dinosaur Cake for Seth

Everybody has a favorite dinosaur! Seth’s is the Spinosaurus so his dad and mom had this monster cake made to share with his friends on his birthday.Happy 6th…

Dinosaur Cake and Cupcakes for Shawn Freidrich

RAWR! At 6 years old, the birthday boy is already a dinosaur expert. So mommy Sheryl and daddy Franklin requested this cake and cupcake set to complete their…

Craneosaurus Dinotrux Cake for Ryan

Look! High in the branches… Craneosaurus! … Crack Munch. Look out, birds, it’s time for lunch! Ryan’s expression, when he saw this cake inspired by his favorite book,…

T-Rex Dinosaur Paleontologist Cake for Joaquin

Awesome mommy Tin requested this cake for their 6-year old paleontologist in training. Happy 6th Birthday, Joaquin!

Back to the Future-Spinosaurus Cake for Damien

“Roads … where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” – Doc Emmett Brown

Birthday boy, Damien, knew exactly what he wanted. He requested a cake with a Spinosaurus chasing the DeLorean from the movie Back to the Future. Cool dad and mom were happy to oblige and asked us to make the cake for Damien. Happy 9th Birthday, Damien!

T-Rex Dinosaur Cake for Joaquin

This cake is for a very smart kid who loves dinosaurs. He loves them so much that he can name all of them. Happy birthday, Joaquin!