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Superman's Day Off Cake

Superman’s Day Off Cake for Mikko

   Even superheroes need to relax. So on a very special day, loving wife Tessa requested us to make this surprise birthday cake for her Superman, Mikko. This…

Star Wars Father’s Day Cake

Happy Father’s Day to all dads across the galaxy! May the Force be with you! Love, The Regali Kitchen For inquiries, please click Contact Us and fill out…

Meat Queen Anniversary Cake for Guinevere

Happy Anniversary, Lucky Meatshop!

The Little Mermaid & Favorite Things Cake & Cupcakes for Caitlyn

Here are Princess Caitlyn’s favorite things all on a cake. Her loving loving parents, doc Kitz and doc Martha, had this cake and cupcake set specially made for her Under The Sea birthday party.

Happy 7th Birthday, Caitlyn!

Favorite Things Birthday Cupcakes for Doc Guy

This birthday cupcake set represents Doc Guy’s family and their favorite things. This was requested by our friend, Maya, as a surprise for Doc Guy.

Happy Birthday, Doc Guy!

Daddy Rooster and Mother Hen Anniversary Cake

Happy Anniversary to a protective and caring daddy rooster and a sweet and loving mother hen! Love, baby chicks and grandson egg 🙂

Meat Queen Cake & Meat Cuts Cupcakes for Aunt Becky & Family

Our friend, Pat, emailed us from the US and asked us to make a pile of raw meat Christmas Cake and Cupcakes with different meat cuts for her aunt Becky and her cousins.

Her highness, Aunt Becky is the queen of meat. She successfully operates a business called “Puro Karne,” and a lot of her family members have either partnered with her or currently work for her. “Puro Karne” is truly a big part of her family’s life.

Dark Chocolate Dome Cake with Light Caramel Frosting and sugarpaste toppers
by Chef JB Cada and Stephanie Santos.