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Favorite Things Cupcakes for Lola Lea

We didn’t get the chance to meet Lola Lea in person, but from the way her daughter describes her it sounds like she’s a lot of fun to…

Make-up Cupcakes for Anna Patricia

Stephen requested this set to celebrate a make-up artist’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Anna Patricia! Banana Peanut Butter Cupcakes with customized edible Make-Up Toppers by The Regali Kitchen For inquiries,…

Aztec-Hipster Anniversary Cupcakes for Sam

Chip had to fly abroad on their anniversary. But before doing so, he made sure that these surprise anniversary cupcakes were sent to Sam. Happy Anniversary, Sam and Chip!

Shoes Cake for Issa

Dex commissioned Chef JB to make Issa this surprise birthday cake. The shoes represent some of her favorite things to do 🙂

Happy birthday, Issa!