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Harry Potter Ravenclaw Cake

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Cake for Sharlene

This Harry Potter Cake is truly a magical birthday surprise for a Ravenclaw wizard like Sharlene! Chocolate Cake with customized Harry Potter Ravenclaw design by The Regali Kitchen…

The Hobbit Cake

The Hobbit Cake for Karl Thorin

For Karl Thorin’s first birthday Mommy Claudette requested this The Hobbit Cake featuring his namesake, Thorin Oakenshield, battling Azog ┬áthe pale orc at the gates of Moria. Happy…

Game of Thrones Cupcakes

Game of Thrones Cupcakes for Elaine

Valar dohaeris… Cupcakes! Elaine’s BizOps family completed their royal send off to Elaine with this Game of Thrones Cupcake set. Best of luck, Elaine! Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with…

Star Wars Rebels Cake

Star Wars Rebels Cake for Soapy

One of Soapy’s favorite shows is the Star Wars Rebels cartoon, so her amazing parents requested this Star Wars Rebels Cake to surprise their little Jedi on her…

Clash of Clans Cake and Cupcakes | Gaming Cake and Cupcakes

Clash of Clans Cake and Cupcakes for JD

Who could possibly resist attacking this army? Barbarian King Jumar and Archer Queen Hazel had this Clash of Clans Cake and Cupcakes made for their little warrior, JD….

School Teacher Cupcakes

School Teacher Cupcakes for Ma’am Dolly

It’s amazing how our teachers never stop being our heroes! Loving students from Class of 1966 requested this School Teacher-themed Cupcakes as a birthday surprise for their amazing…

Game of Thrones Cupcakes | The Iron Throne, and House Sigils on Banners Cupcake Toppers

Game of Thrones Cupcakes for Oliver

Twelve cupcakes. One throne. Icing is coming! Someone requested these Game of Thrones Cupcakes as a birthday surprise for a special person. Orange Cardamom Cupcakes with Pomegranate Frosting…

Purple Flower Mini Cakes for Adam & Alei’s Wedding Giveaways

Best wishes Adam & Alei!