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Minecraft Cake for Shawn

This cake was requested by awesome aunt, Gen, to grant one of Shawn’s birthday wishes… a cake with his favorite game and characters! Happy Birthday, Shawn! Strawberry Lemonade…

Beach Minion Rush Cake for Enzo

Woohoo! This cake was requested by Enzo’s parents to celebrate their son’s birthday with his favorite game. Happy 3rd Birthday, Enzo! Dark Chocolate Cake with Light Caramel Frosting…

Minions Cake for Marcus Tristan

BA-NA-NAAAAAAA!!!!!! Marcus Tristan’s awesome parents know how to party like the Minions! That’s why they requested this cake to celebrate their son’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Marcus Tristan! Strawberry…

Sky Does Minecraft Cake for Diego

Butter!!! It’s so majestic! The birthday boy specifically requested butter-loving Sky against the Squids for his Minecraft cake to complete his awesome party theme. Happy 7th Birthday, Diego!…

Favorite Things Cupcakes for Joey

Happy Birthday, Joey! Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Light Caramel Frosting Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting and customized edible Favorite Things Toppers by The Regali Kitchen For inquiries,…

Sculpted Pikachu and Pokeball Cake & Pokemon Cupcakes for Liam

Cool and loving parents, Mommy LeaJane and Daddy Ceasar, requested this Pokemon cake and cupcake set to celebrate their son’s christening. Welcome to the Christian world, Liam! Special…

DOTA 2 Invoker Cake for Vlad

Vlad’s favorite character, the Invoker is a spellcasting hero in the DOTA 2 computer game. Just like the Invoker, Aileen Annie was able to do magic when she…

Minecraft-Doctor Who Cake for Aemon

Geektastic parents, Barry and Maya, asked us to make a Minecraft-Doctor Who Cake for their awesome son, Aemon. So we got to work building a cake with Wibbly…

Favorite Things Cupcakes for Aaron

Happy Birthday, Aaron! Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting and customized edible Favorite Things Toppers by The Regali Kitchen. For inquiries, please click Contact Us and fill out…

Scrabble Mini Cakes for Tim & Dnx

Happy Triple-Word-Score Double-Birthday, Tim and Dnx! Orange Cardamom Mini Cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting, Pistachio Nuts and customized Scrabble design by The Regali Kitchen. For inquiries, please click Contact Us…

Lego Star Wars Minions Cake for John

Banana this is not. Red Velvet Cake this is. Use the Fork you must! Cool Mommy Cat requested this cake to celebrate John’s birthday. Happy 7th, John! Red…

Sporty Minions Cake for Kuya Manu

You’d have to be athletic and trained by Master Yoda to dig into this Minions cake. As a birthday surprise for Kuya Manu, his mom and dad requested…

Favorite Things Father’s Day Cupcakes for Barry

Here’s an extraordinary cupcake set for an extraordinary dad. Happy Father’s Day, Barry! Love, Aemon and Arry! Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting and edible favorite things…

(DOTA) Defense of the Ancients Cupcakes for Ji

In the popular game Defense of the Ancients (DOTA), heroes become stronger and more powerful as they gain levels. Egay surprised her husband Ji with these cupcakes, as…

Dungeons & Dragons Cake for Barry and Maya

Maya had this surprise cake made for Barry to celebrate their 12th anniversary. Barry is a Dungeons & Dragons dungeon master, and loves to play with his friends…

Tron Cake and Cupcakes for Tristan

Tristan, son of Paul, celebrated his birthday with a Lazer Tag party and a Tron Cake and Cupcake set. How cool are Tristan’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. C? Special mention goes to Ninang Baban for sponsoring these goodies 🙂

Happy 7th Birthday, Tristan!

Candyland Birthday Cake for Reine

Ain’t life sweet! Happy 1st Birthday, Reine!

The Hobbit Cake and Cupcakes

“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.” -The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien

StarCraft 2 Zerg Baneling Cake for Chloe

Metamorphosis into a cake completed!

Lego Star Wars Cake for Colin

Three of the things we love, Lego, Star Wars and Cake! Colin’s cool mom and dad requested this cake to celebrate his birthday.

Happy 1st Birthday, Colin! May the Force be with you!

Game of Thrones White Walker Cake

Game of Thrones White Walker Cake for Merl & Justine

AAAAHOOOOO! AAAAHOOOOO! AAAAHOOOOO! Three horn blasts mean White Walkers!

Night gathers and now the party begins… Bring out your dragon glass daggers to cut into this cake!

Game of Thrones Cupcakes

A Song of Icing and Fire!

Angry Birds Birthday Cake and Cupcakes for Diego and Maya

Mommy bird asked us to make these Angry Birds-themed goodies for her baby birds’ awesome birdday bash. Happy Birdday, Diego and Maya! Squawk Squawk!

Angry Birds Cake & Cupcakes

Angry Birds Cake and Cupcakes for Mong

The Angry Birds have slingshot their way into Mong’s party!
Happy 6th birthday, Mong!

Favorite Things Cupcakes for Jom

A loving girlfriend asked us to make cupcakes that represent her boyfriend’s favorite things, so she can give them to him on his birthday.

Angry Birds Football Cake

Football Angry Birds Cake for Criston

This cake is for a nephew, who loves Angry Birds and football, and who wants to be a soldier someday.

GOAL!!!!! Happy birthday, Criston!

iPhone4 Scrabble Cake

iPhone Scrabble Cake for a Happy Triple-Word Birthday!