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D & D Cake | Dungeons & Dragons Cake

Dungeons & Dragons Cake for Aemon

Aemon scores a critical hit with his ultimate Dungeons & Dragons birthday cake, where his very own halfling hero takes on some of the most iconic monsters from…

1954 Godzilla Cake for Zophiel

Zophiel is an amazing kid who loves the old Japanese Godzilla movie versions. We were told that he’s seen all the Godzilla movies and knows all of Godzilla’s…

2014 Godzilla Cake for Andrei

Andrei is a super creative kid who loves Godzilla so much he even made his own Godzilla clay sculpture. Mommy Ayla couldn’t be with him for his birthday…

Boss Borot (of Mazinger Z) Cake for Raja

Giant Robot! This cake was nearly as big as the celebrant ­čÖé Happy 1st birthday, Raja!