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Alice in Wonderland Cake for Portia

Happy 5th Birthday, Portia!

The Little Mermaid & Favorite Things Cake & Cupcakes for Caitlyn

Here are Princess Caitlyn’s favorite things all on a cake. Her loving loving parents, doc Kitz and doc Martha, had this cake and cupcake set specially made for her Under The Sea birthday party.

Happy 7th Birthday, Caitlyn!

Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel Cupcakes for Nicole

Happy 7th Birthday, Nicole!

Tiara on Pillow Cutie Cupcakes for Francine Isabelle

A little princess has turned 1 and Kat requested this Cutie Cupcake set especially for her.

Happy 1st Birthday, Francine Isabelle!

Fab Pink Birthday Cupcakes for Claudette

Happy birthday, Claudette!

Star Birthday Cupcakes for MJ

Happy Birthday, MJ!

Rotating Carousel Cake for Lily

Doc Jay and Doc Lianne’s bundle of joy, Lily, has turned 1. What better way to celebrate their precious little girl’s 1st birthday than with a fun vintage carnival/circus-themed party. We made a rotating carousel/merry-go-round cake to fit the party’s theme.

Smoking Volcano Cake & Robot Cupcakes for Maya’s Science Birthday

Eureka!!!!! This cake and cupcake set was requested by our good friends, Dr. Jep and Dra. Miko, to complete their daughter’s science-themed party dessert table.

Happy Super 7th Science Birthday, Maya!

Dora the Explorer Cake for Nala

This cake was requested by our good friends, Doc Ging and Raymond, for their little flamenco dancer on her birthday. ¡Olé!

Happy 4th Birthday, Nala!

Minnie Mouse Cake & Cupcakes for Ruthie

Hooray, it’s Ruthie’s birthday!

Fun and loving Mommy Pauline requested this cake and cupcake set for Ruthie’s Minnie Mouse-themed 1st birthday party. For cake toppers, we were requested to make mini edible replicas of Ruthie’s favorite Sophie the Giraffe and Fisher Price toys.

Hi-5 and Favorite Things Cupcakes for Andrea

Loving mommy, Rhia, requested these cupcakes for Andrea on her birthday. Happy Birthday, Andrea!

Boboi Boy Cake and Cupcakes for Lara

Our high school friend Maricon asked us to make this cake for her daughter’s 7th birthday. When we first opened the cake box Lara examined the topper closely and said, “Yes, it looks just right!” A kid’s stamp of approval: best compliment ever!

Happy 7th Birthday, Lara!

Fairy Ballerina Cake for Caitlyn

Super cool daddy and mommy asked us to create this magical cake for their little fairy-ballerina’s birthday.

Happy Birthday, Caitlyn!

Supergirl Cake for Francine

Francine is a constant source of joy for her very loving parents. Her mommy asked us to make this special cake for her to show that she is their llittle supergirl! Happy 8th Birthday, Francine!

Supergirl Cake for Samantha Isabelle

Here’s a Supergirl cake for a super cute little girl.
Happy 1st birthday Samantha Isabelle!

Alice in Wonderland Cake and Christening Cupcakes for Abrielle

Alice: “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
The Cat: “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”

Princess Ballerina Cake for Una

Una knew exactly what she wanted her birthday cake to look like, and she was very specific with the pose and the look of the princess ballerina topper holding a paintbrush and artist’s palette. We were very happy to make this special cake for her on her special day.

Happy birthday, Una!

Justice League Cake and Cupcakes for Ruth

A super aunt decided to surprise her sweet little niece with these desserts topped with super-heroines! Girl Power!

Disney Princess Cupcakes for Cara

Cupcakes for Princess Cara! Happy Birthday Cara! Chocolate Cupcakes with Light Caramel Frosting and customized Disney Princesses toppers by The Regali Kitchen. For inquiries, please click Contact Us…

Quilted Garden Cake for Bea

Quilted butterflies, bees, ladybugs & flowers, all come together to make this colorful cake tower. Thanks to an old high school friend for asking us to make this…