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My Little Pony Cake, Cutie Cupcakes & Cookies for Nala

Friendship is magic! This set was requested by Nala’s loving mom and dad to celebrate her birthday with her friends and classmates both at school and at Active…

Rotating Carousel Cake for Lily

Doc Jay and Doc Lianne’s bundle of joy, Lily, has turned 1. What better way to celebrate their precious little girl’s 1st birthday than with a fun vintage carnival/circus-themed party. We made a rotating carousel/merry-go-round cake to fit the party’s theme.

Game of Thrones White Walker Cake

Game of Thrones White Walker Cake for Merl & Justine

AAAAHOOOOO! AAAAHOOOOO! AAAAHOOOOO! Three horn blasts mean White Walkers!

Night gathers and now the party begins… Bring out your dragon glass daggers to cut into this cake!