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Sculpted Thousand Sunny Ship Cake / 3D One Piece Cake

One Piece Cake and Cupcakes for Rafa, Tita Jinky and Lolo Payok

Straw Hat Pirates, baby Rafa, tita Jinky, and lolo Payok celebrated their birthday with this customized Sculpted One Piece Thousand Sunny Ship Cake and 2D Devil Fruit Cupcakes….

3D Kokeshi Doll Cake

Sculpted Kokeshi Doll Cake for Sensei Louise

We made this 3D Kokeshi Doll Cake as a thank you to our Japanese language sensei, and to celebrate our Nihongo class. Arigatou Gozaimasu, Sensei Louise! Scuplted Japanese…

Japanese Geisha Cake

Japanese-themed Birthday Cake for Liza

Marc told us he and his wife Liza are still on a Japan high from their anniversary getaway. For her birthday he asked us to make this surprise…