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Sculpted Thousand Sunny Ship Cake / 3D One Piece Cake

One Piece Cake and Cupcakes for Rafa, Tita Jinky and Lolo Payok

Straw Hat Pirates, baby Rafa, tita Jinky, and lolo Payok celebrated their birthday with this customized Sculpted One Piece Thousand Sunny Ship Cake and 2D Devil Fruit Cupcakes….

3D Kokeshi Doll Cake

Sculpted Kokeshi Doll Cake for Sensei Louise

We made this 3D Kokeshi Doll Cake as a thank you to our Japanese language sensei, and to celebrate our Nihongo class. Arigatou Gozaimasu, Sensei Louise! Scuplted Japanese…

Godzilla Cake

Godzilla Cake for Aston

Godzilla is Aston’s favorite monster, so his mom surprised him with this Godzilla Cake on his 5th birthday. We’re sure you had a good ROAR on your birthday,…

Chibi Mazinger Z Cupcake

Chibi Mazinger Z Cupcakes for Sarge

Rocket Punch! Photon Beam! Supa Roboto, Mazinger Z! This cupcake set was fun to make! It brought back so many childhood memories. Thank you, Mookie, for asking us…

Pokemon Cupcakes

Pokemon Cupcakes for Accenture DB WIA Team

Pokemon Cupcakes. Gotta eat ’em all! What better way to celebrate a team’s special day than with this deliciously adventure-filled cupcake set. Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese…

Charmander Cupcakes | Pokemon Cupcakes

Pokemon Charmander Cupcakes for Waff

Charmander Cupcakes, I choose you! Waff’s friends surprised him with this fiery cupcake set on his birthday. Chocolate Rum Cupcakes with customized Pokemon Charmander toppers by The Regali…

Japanese Geisha Cake

Japanese-themed Birthday Cake for Liza

Marc told us he and his wife Liza are still on a Japan high from their anniversary getaway. For her birthday he asked us to make this surprise…

Japanese Kendo Cupcakes for Igarashi-Sensei and Junko-San

  Igarashi-Sensei of IGA Kendo Club Philippines and his wife, Junko-San, celebrated their birthday on the same day, and their students surprised them with this Japanese Kendo Cupcakes…

1954 Godzilla Cake for Zophiel

Zophiel is an amazing kid who loves the old Japanese Godzilla movie versions. We were told that he’s seen all the Godzilla movies and knows all of Godzilla’s…

2014 Godzilla Cake for Andrei

Andrei is a super creative kid who loves Godzilla so much he even made his own Godzilla clay sculpture. Mommy Ayla couldn’t be with him for his birthday…

Sculpted Pikachu and Pokeball Cake & Pokemon Cupcakes for Liam

Cool and loving parents, Mommy LeaJane and Daddy Ceasar, requested this Pokemon cake and cupcake set to celebrate their son’s christening. Welcome to the Christian world, Liam! Special…

Pink Birthday Cupcakes for Karen Kono

Aisaku Yokogawa had these cupcakes made for lovely Japanese Pop Artist Karen Kono on the occasion of her birthday concert. Happy Birthday, Karen! Orange Cardamom Cupcakes with Pomegranate…

Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel Cupcakes for Nicole

Happy 7th Birthday, Nicole!

Valentine Cupcakes for Dom

Here’s a surprise Valentine Cupcake set that’s filled with love requested by Joyce for Dom.

Happy Hearts Day, Dom!

Ghibli Studio Anime Birthday Cake / Totoro & Kiki’s Delivery Service Cake for Jonathan

Here are birthday wishes delivered by Kiki (Witch’s Delivery Service) to Jonathan, from Totoro and talented Japanese singer, Aisaku Yokogawa.

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Salon Birthday Cupcakes for Akira

Akira is the owner of AKIRA?hair&make-up studio in Makati. These surprise salon-themed cupcakes were requested by recording artist, Aisaku Yokogawa, for Akira’s birthday.

Otanjoubi Omedetou, Akira!

Harpist and Greetings Cupcake Set for Noelle Cassandra

A cupcake set for Asia’s harp angel, singer & songwriter

Boss Borot (of Mazinger Z) Cake for Raja

Giant Robot! This cake was nearly as big as the celebrant 🙂 Happy 1st birthday, Raja!

Japanese-Themed Singing Samurai Cake for Aisaku Yokogawa

Jazz singer, Aisaku Yokogawa, celebrated his birthday last night with a concert for a cause. Proceeds of the concert were donated to Operation Smile Philippines. Aisaku is not just a talented artist, but a person with a big heart.

Naruto Cupcakes for Cy

What better way to surprise a loved one than with these yummy cupcakes with his favorite anime characters?

Baban may have been out of town, but this did not stop her from successfully surprising Cy on his birthday, with the help of his Dell family (Naruto: “This is my ninja way”).

Happy Birthday, Cy!

Cupcakes for Aisaku Yokogawa’s Debut Album Launch

These cupcakes were specially requested for the multi-talented Aisaku Yokogawa by his friends, to celebrate the launch of his debut album. All-edible toppers show some of his favorite things as well as his various product endorsements.

Congratulations, Aisaku Yokogawa!

Favorite Things Cupcakes for Jom

A loving girlfriend asked us to make cupcakes that represent her boyfriend’s favorite things, so she can give them to him on his birthday.

Totoro Cupcakes for Diego

Come join the party with Totoro, Cat Bus (Neko Bus), Chu Totoro and Chibi Totoro… Don’t forget the Soot Sprites (Susa-ataris)!

Kabuto Cake / Samurai Helmet Cake for Jep

A samurai helm cake for an old friend who wields blades in the E.R. as an intesive care doctor, in the dojo as a sword instructor, and in the kitchen as a dad. Happy Birthday, Jep! 😀