Lego City Police Station Cake for Ethan

Ethan loves Lego so much and the Lego City Police Station is his current favorite. So tita Jing happily surprised him with this cake on his 7th birthday….

Lego Star Wars Cake / The Force Awakens Cake for Rohan

The Frosting Awakens! Rohan wanted Star Wars, Lego and flying ships on his cake, so loving mommy Jen requested this as a surprise for her little Jedi! Happy…

LEGO Ninjago Cake for Adam

Lego and cake combo, win! Lego is Adam’s shared passion with his dad and Ninjago is one of the cartoons that he follows, so with their powers of…

Lego Cupcakes with Candy Sprinkles for Enzo Raphael

The birthday celebrant specifically requested Lego blocks and Lego Men with candy sprinkles for his birthday cupcakes. Happy Birthday, Enzo Raphael! Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting…

Lego Ninjago NBA Cake for Paolo

Watching your favorite NBA stars’ moves on the hardcourt, it’s easy to imagine they’re secretly masters of ninjutsu, or better yet, SPINJITZU! Here we combined two of the…

Lego Star Wars Death Star Trench Run Cake w/ Lights for Miguel

This is how a family of Star Wars Rebel Pilots celebrates a birthday… AWESOME! Birthday boy Miguel looks all set to pilot his X-wing and destroy the Death…

Lego Ninjago Cake and Cupcakes for Joaquin

Jump up kick back whip around and spin! This cake made us want to be masters of Spinjitzu! It was an honor getting a request from mommy Kristine…

Lego Star Wars Minions Cake for John

Banana this is not. Red Velvet Cake this is. Use the Fork you must! Cool Mommy Cat requested this cake to celebrate John’s birthday. Happy 7th, John! Red…

Lego Cake, Cupcakes & Cookies for Mong

Lego goodies!

Lego Star Wars Cake for Colin

Three of the things we love, Lego, Star Wars and Cake! Colin’s cool mom and dad requested this cake to celebrate his birthday.

Happy 1st Birthday, Colin! May the Force be with you!

Lego Star Wars Cupcakes & Cake for Joaquin

In a galaxy not so far away, a boy named Joaquin was turning 7, and his parents threw him an awesome Star Wars birthday party to celebrate! The Regali Kitchen was commissioned to make his birthday cake and cupcakes.