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Sofia the First Cake

Sofia the First Cake for Addie

Adorable little Addie has turned 1. To complete her birthday celebration, tita Rachel requested this cake with Addie’s favorite characters. Happy 1st Birthday, Addie! Dark Chocolate Cake with…

Disney Princess Cake for Cara

  ¬† What better gift to give a princess than a castle cake? Happy 7th Birthday to Daddy Avel & Mommy Ely’s little princess, Cara! Cerveza Negra Cake…

Frozen Cake and Cupcakes for Nala

Our dear friends Doc Ging and Raymond requested this cake and cupcake set to complete the menu of their little princess’ Frozen-themed party. Happy 6th Birthday, Nala! Dark…

Frozen Cake for Marley

Daddy and Momsy’s little princess has turned 5. This cake was requested to complete her cool birthday celebration. A magical 5th birthday to you, Marley! Dark Chocolate Cake…

Tiara on Pillow Cutie Cupcakes for Francine Isabelle

A little princess has turned 1 and Kat requested this Cutie Cupcake set especially for her.

Happy 1st Birthday, Francine Isabelle!

Singer-Ballerina Birthday Cupcakes for Aekaye

Happy Birthday, Aekaye!

Princess Ballerina Cake for Una

Una knew exactly what she wanted her birthday cake to look like, and she was very specific with the pose and the look of the princess ballerina topper holding a paintbrush and artist’s palette. We were very happy to make this special cake for her on her special day.

Happy birthday, Una!