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Superman's Day Off Cake

Superman’s Day Off Cake for Mikko

   Even superheroes need to relax. So on a very special day, loving wife Tessa requested us to make this surprise birthday cake for her Superman, Mikko. This…

Baby Converse Shoes Christening Cake

Baby Converse Shoes Cake for Karl Thorin

Mommy Claudette requested this Baby Converse Shoes Cake to welcome her son into the Christian world. Happy Christening, Karl Thorin! Vanilla Cake with Baby Converse Sneakers design by The…

Basketball & Running Shoes Cupcakes for Junee

Edible kicks, anyone? These cupcakes would make a great birthday gift for any shoe lover. That’s exactly what Jane Doe did for her friend Junee. Happy Birthday, Junee!…

Favorite Things Cupcakes for Lola Lea

We didn’t get the chance to meet Lola Lea in person, but from the way her daughter describes her it sounds like she’s a lot of fun to…

Favorite Things Cupcakes for Joey

Happy Birthday, Joey! Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Light Caramel Frosting Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting and customized edible Favorite Things Toppers by The Regali Kitchen For inquiries,…

Sporty Director Cake for Sid

Lights, Camera, Posedown! It was Kat’s turn to run the show when she put together a surprise birthday party for her husband, Sid, who is a talented TV…

Favorite Things Cupcakes for Aaron

Happy Birthday, Aaron! Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting and customized edible Favorite Things Toppers by The Regali Kitchen. For inquiries, please click Contact Us and fill out…

Favorite Things Father’s Day Cupcakes for Barry

Here’s an extraordinary cupcake set for an extraordinary dad. Happy Father’s Day, Barry! Love, Aemon and Arry! Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting and edible favorite things…

Nike Basketball Shoes Cupcakes for Daniel

Happy Birthday, Daniel!

The Little Mermaid & Favorite Things Cake & Cupcakes for Caitlyn

Here are Princess Caitlyn’s favorite things all on a cake. Her loving loving parents, doc Kitz and doc Martha, had this cake and cupcake set specially made for her Under The Sea birthday party.

Happy 7th Birthday, Caitlyn!

Favorite Things Birthday Cupcakes for Teacher Tess

Great teachers don’t only teach, they inspire. This cupcake set was requested by Tin for her teacher who has done both. Happy Birthday, Teacher Tess! Orange Cardamom Cupcakes…

Baby Shower Cupcakes for Lavernne

These cupcakes were requested by Aya to celebrate the coming of Lavernne’s bundle of joy. It’s a baby boy!

Favorite Things Cupcakes for Jhong & Ching

We were asked to make these surprise cupcakes by Ana (for Jhong) & Albert (for Ching).

Favorite Things Cupcakes for AK

Shoes Cake for Issa

Dex commissioned Chef JB to make Issa this surprise birthday cake. The shoes represent some of her favorite things to do 🙂

Happy birthday, Issa!