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Totoro Christening Cake for Isobel Simone

To-to-ro! Mommy Sheryll requested this cake to celebrate the welcoming of her beautiful daughter to the Christian world. Happy Christening, Isobel Simone! Dark Chocolate Cake with Light Caramel…

Ghibli Studio Anime Birthday Cake / Totoro & Kiki’s Delivery Service Cake for Jonathan

Here are birthday wishes delivered by Kiki (Witch’s Delivery Service) to Jonathan, from Totoro and talented Japanese singer, Aisaku Yokogawa.

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Totoro Cupcakes for Diego

Come join the party with Totoro, Cat Bus (Neko Bus), Chu Totoro and Chibi Totoro… Don’t forget the Soot Sprites (Susa-ataris)!

Geek Love Wedding Cake for Rica and Sancho

Rica and Sancho wanted a wedding cake topped with their favorite sci-fi, comics, and gaming things.* Being geeks ourselves, we were happy to oblige!